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Rhinoceros (Rhino)

Rhinos are massive animals, the largest land mammals after elephants. Their weight ranges from 900 kg. up to 4 tons, depending on the species. Newborns weigh 40-65 kg. They reache up to 4 meters and height of 1.8 m.

White, black, and Sumatran rhinos are septate and Indian and Javanese rhinoceros are the unicorn. The horns are located on supramaxillar bones. All rhinos have large heads, wide chest, thick legs and a short tail. The skin is thick, the color gray or brown. They have excellent hearing and sense of smell, but they are myopic with low vision. Rhinos have three fingers on each foot.

Despite its enormous mass, the black rhino can develop a speed of 64 km / h. Rhinos have imagined the invincible beast, but actually their skin is very sensitive, especially to sunburn and insect bites. For this reason, they often wallow in mud.

There are two types of live rhinos in Africa: white and black.

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